Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slowing Down This Summer

Song: All the Weird Kids Know by Built by Snow
(sorry there was no YouTube video but you can hear the song at the site linked above)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Left My Heart in Philadelphia

Picture: The view from my room, which I guess is no longer 'my' room
Song: Maybe You Can Owe Me. Architecture in Helsinki

I can't believe freshman year is over. I'm so grateful for all of the good memories I have, but I'm realizing that home is where the heart is but when 'home' is in two places 300 miles apart, it's hard to leave your heart in two places.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

They Are Beautiful

Picture: My mom, sister, niece and I just before I left for college

Song: Home Sweet Home by Those Dancing Days

Happy Mother's Day!
I've been living at school for almost 9 months now, and I have to admit I do miss my mom.
She is an incredibly strong woman, and she never stops taking care of everyone else.
Look at the three other strong, fun loving girls she has brought into this world.
Now my sister is proving to be an amazing mom too. Without our mom neither of us would have been able to become what we have.
I am so proud of these three and so grateful that in one week I'll get to spend time with them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can You Shake It?

Picture: By Anne Ziegler for ELLE News Blog

Song: Can't Shake It by Kate Miller-Heidke

As a girl who can't dance but loves to, I am a huge fan of this song.

I'm also a huge fan of this outfit. I've been thinking of turning a pair of old jeans that I love but that are too short into shorts like these.

I'm excited to go out this weekend - my last at Temple for the year - and I think I might wear a similar outfit. We're going to a benefit concert Saturday, and it would be the perfect opportunity to wear this.

This song + a similar outfit + benefit concert = weekend with potential

Showin' Thugs Love

Picture: Taken for magazine

Song: Beautiful by Akon
Also check out Broad Street Line's a cappella cover - Temple University

Every girl deserves to hear that she's the most beautiful thing at least once... even if it's Akon telling her.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Living These Weekends Like They're Our Last

Songs: This post is long so I suggest a few songs by The Hold Steady
  1. Massive Nights
  2. You Can Make Him Like You
  3. Chillout Tent
Freshman year is coming to an end. I honestly never imagined myself having this much fun or having this many crazy things happen.

This weekend was the second to last weekend me and my friends will be here this year so a few of us wanted to make the most of it... and we did. This picture isn't any of us. It was published by Heeb Magazine.

Some of the stuff that went down...
  • Finally made it to the Liberty Bell where I sat outside and poured vodka into orange soda so that I could take it to First Friday
  • Had so much fun roaming through Old City and the art galleries with my friends and fellow Hard C's, Hard Cocks (I'm afraid one of us will end up with that tattooed on us one night)
  • Apple-pie-shot party
  • Went to a party and had more fun. My friends had fun too haha (hook ups, dancing on couches, stealing ice cream, etc.)
  • Played soccer with random boys who were running down Broad St. passing a soccer ball (a highlight of the highlights of the weekend)
  • Wandered around in the art school's building
  • Had delicious Ethiopian food
  • Was amazed by Temple University's a cappella groups
  • Went to a party (more hookups, dancing and theft haha)
  • Ran away from some random guys on the street
  • Got beeped at by a SEPTA bus
  • Laughed at one friend who was drunkenly attempting to climb onto a bed
  • And then just chilled as we all settled in from a great couple of nights and fun weekend
As sad as it is that I won't have weekends like this as often this summer, I'm glad to have all these memories and to know that next year still has potential to be really fun too.