Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When I Grow Up

Tattoos may not be for you. They may not even be for me, but it really irks me when people say they like tattoos but not on girls because they think it's trashy for girls to get tattoos. Sure some girls get trashy tattoos, but there is no reason it should be more acceptable for guys to get tattoos than for girls to get them.

Scary thought though: When my dad was in his twenties he lived in Korea for a little while. I guess they have these huge, really colorful butterflies there. Apparently it was a really cool thing to get one of these butterflies tattooed on you. My dad almost got one, but luckily he didn't. I can only imagine if he had - my tall, goofy, mustache rockin, motor and bicycle riding, mechanic dad with a huge, colorful butterfly tat, yikes.

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