Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Settling In

I don't know why but it took me a really long time to adjust to being at home... or something. Now though, I'm glad to be here.

My life is basically hanging out with Ben and Veronica - sometimes Maria or Kate (when they're home or not working), work and just relaxing. Today I went to Salvation Army with Ben, Veronica, and her baby bro to get costumes for Kate's next party (circus theme). I'm going as the human canon ball and I have my costume, but I found a killer jumpsuit - very mechanic-esque - so I bought that and a trucker hat to go with it. Then we went to Andyman. Ben and V had to work so I babysat my niece and then had dinner with my family. After dinner Ben, Maria and I went to the Hangover - it was so funny, but I think it might be a bad sign that it made me nostalgic for freshman year/ hard c badassery ; )


  1. the hangover just seemed like another saturday morning at temple. so hilarious though. really loved that movie.

    you got your old person costume yet woman? also, what day are you coming to the 717?

  2. monday around noon works beautifully!

  3. i think u should be rocking the mechanic jumpsuit.... just saying...

  4. excellent i will see you both monday!
    sorry jimmy i already have a costume for the gathering, but i'm sure you'll see the jumpsuit someday