Saturday, August 29, 2009

So Many Miles and So Long Since I Left You

Going back to TU!!!!! I am seriously so happy. I'm sitting in the same hotel I sat in last year the night before I moved in, and it's amazing how different I feel. Last year I was terrified.

"But suddenly now, I know where I belong
It's many hundred miles and it won't be long"

I wonder what Sophomore year has in store for all of us...

Sorry Mom

Okay so my parents proved that they were right. It was better to be home for this whole ordeal. My mom took such good care of me it was ridiculous. She slept on a chair next to me while I was in the hospital. Then she slept in my bed with me when I came home, and every time I got up she was right there helping me. I can never be mean or crabby to her again.

Also her rib was hurting her and I'm all stitched together so it hurt both of us to laugh. You know how when you can't laugh it makes you laugh 10 times more? It was like that for both of us all week. We kept laughing at everything but it hurt so it was more like wheezing, which only made us laugh more. It was definitely mother - daughter bonding.

Here's a video she would like

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear Parents: Today I'm Emo

(sorry this is anime haha)

I'm almost back at school like what 300? miles from my parents, and I think we're all a little stressed out. The other day I asked my dad where I could get pepper spray because I might be commuting to a job by myself and I think it would be smart to have a little back up. He basically- okay completely -flipped out. He started ranting about how if I thought having pepper spray would do me any good then I was dumb and I didn't have a clue about how to be safe in the city. I guess he would prefer I stay on Temple's campus (where the sun never sets) 24.7.

Then both my parents are mad at me because I have an attitude and I 'think everything in this house is so unbearable and annoying' (their words). Sorry but if you ask me 50 times if I'm working later and then still forget, it gets a little annoying and I might roll my eyes. Plus I have to have surgery and I would prefer to have it in Philly but they want me to fly home (which means missing a lot more class and being more of a hassle).

I think they're freaked out that I'm leaving to go to the big bad city. Plus they both know that if I can afford it, I'd rather not live at home anymore. And then they're stressed about the whole surgery thing. Oh and it's like 400 degrees and wicked humid so we're all cranky.

Anyway I just had to vent. Here are some good ole' I'm pissed songs - going out to good ole mom and dad.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Make Sure You're Life's Exciting

(Chloe is on the right. The other girl is her bffl Maggie)

My niece is stinking hilarious and completely weird but I love it and her.

This is an email she had my sister send to herself: Don't forget to brush your teeth, and get the toothbrush. And get the boogers out of your nose with the tweegers. Doggie haha made you look. Tonight daddy is going to scare you with his underwears and make a scary face. I love you. I love you so much, and horsey blanket. Spongy is chewing on his pillow. You can go to sleep in 10 minutes. And watch meemo. And you get a soft hug from me and a kiss for you mommy, and we'll go to Moran's and buy you and ice cream and me a snack. And don't forget to brush your teeth. I love you so much you silly mommy.

We were playing airplanes, and she built me and imaginary air plane. Then she told me completely seriously that my plane was named Old Taco.

She asked me what a spanking was. I told her it was when you got in trouble so your mom or dad hit your butt and that it wasn't very nice. She looked at me and said with a smile, "I'll hit your butt real nice CC."
(that sounds creepy but coming from a 4 year old it's hilarious)

Brushfire Fairytales

My vacation with my family was so nice. I can't really explain how much I love our little vacation spot. The time went by so fast though - it was unbelievable. I think part of the reason it did was that I was constantly splitting my time between the other people my age who go there every year too and my family. I loved spending time with both of them but it kept me super busy.

This reminded me of how fast this past year seemed to go. I love how fast everything happens, and I like doing lots of stuff, but I need to remember to slow down and realize how lucky I am. I don't want to take any of these busy years for granted.

Also my aunt was talking about how when you're stressed/in a high adrenaline scenario something in your brain can change so that you perceive time differently - like when you are in an accident or something and it all feels like slow motion. What if we all have our own perceptions of time? I guess we do, but it's hard to compare how time passes for you and what it feels like for someone else.