Monday, December 7, 2009

Do you believe in something beautiful?

Okay blog, I've been neglecting you. I apologize and I promise to update you more.

Last week me, Caitlin, Keiran and Corrie went to see Ted Leo & the Pharmacists at the First Unitarian Church. It was an awesome show - especially because "we were those girls," and as Caitlin said by those girls we mean the girls that danced like crazy and had fun the entire time. It really was so much fun dancing and being carefree with good friends and DP. We even got a real car ride home- something that's rare but appreciated in the city.

I've had my ups and downs this semester, but the concert and the weekend that followed were positives. Saturday we went to a friends' house where we haven't been in a while. It was another fun, carefree night. I re-encountered the guy who doesn't deserve me and reaffirmed my belief that he doesn't deserve me - but we can still be friendly. Then I met weird, funny freshmen boys and had a random, hilarious time with all of them. Overall it was a good night with new friends and old.


  1. i love this post. i love that post it note. i love being those girls. we should have a date sometime soon. i feel like we're in the same boat with a lot of things. let's turn it into a cruise ship with a buffet and chat it out.

  2. we should have a date indeed. do you still want to go to the west philly orchestra on Thursday? either way cruisin' (with a buffet) and chating it out sound lovely

  3. I too love being "thooooose girlllssss". I loved that night.