Monday, May 17, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

After I moved my stuff to the new summer apartment, my parents and I stayed in Philly so they could actually see the city. We rented a gross hotel room, but were like whatever we'll deal with it. When we went to take showers in the morning though the water was all brown. My dad
went to complain/get our money back and they gave us half off because of gross water and half off for the reason listed as 'wife distressed' haha. He hadn't even said anything about my mom being upset. I guess that's just a standard discount? Anywho, before we noticed the brown shower water, me and my mom found a HUGE hairball! It was so gross. This is a picture of her
putting a cup over it so we didn't have to look at it.

Chloe liked the duck horn just as much as Corrie and Dee haha. My sister and Alec weren't as happy when they had to drive home with a very loud duck in the back seat.
Tomorrow it's back to Philly! It's going to take me like all day to get there, but I'm excited!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I don't know what to blog about...
I'm home. It is gorgeous and sunny but a little cool. Everything is so green here. I forgot how good and fresh it smells.
It took us 8 hours to get home. Before that I showed my parents around Philadelphia a little bit. I think they liked it. The car ride was excruciating though. My iPod was trapped in the back so we had to listen to my dad's which is 95% blues. Some of the music is good, but after 8 hours of blues with nothing to read and only the highway scenery to distract me it got a little painful.
My sister, brother in law and niece are coming today! And I guess my nephew is coming too via my sister's prego belly. It's so bizarre. I've been away for so long that it doesn't seem like she's actually pregnant. It's so different this time - being so far away I mean. It's definitely bittersweet.
I'm going back to Philly on Tuesday! I'm bussing it all the way back which is always an adventure, and then I'll arrive at my AMAZING apartment. Seriously the location is amazing and the apartment is the cutest thing ever. I cannot wait to explore!
My sister and maybe my mom apparently compared Philadelphia to Iraq haha. I'm not even sure what that means

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer Songs and Sentiment

i just found a piece of cereal in my wallet haha. new low.

i should really call veronica. and my dad. i'm definitely not going to dinner with the plannies and their spouses when i get home. god i am SO grateful for the friends I have now and that I escaped Amesbubble.

i'm sooo excited to live in Philly this summer. i don't know how it'll go. sometimes it might be hard but i am so excited for the adventure and just relieved (i haven't totally figured out why)

this has been a fantastic yet bizarre year. i learned so much and got so much closer to amazing people.