Friday, July 10, 2009

Into The Wind We're Tossin Armfuls of Caution

Scatter brain:
I went camping this weekend. It was raining and I thought it would suck, but it was so much fun. We were talking about how scary it is that we're almost 20 and how old that is.
I have today off and it's really nice out, but I just spent an hour looking for a song for this post and finally settled on this one.
My sister's brother-in-law sent her an email w/ the subject: intestines are home now - and it was as hilarious/bizarre as you would imagine.
My sister, brother-in-law and niece are coming for a visit.
Before they come I was going to run or shop or get my haircut but instead i might just hangout with Kate and Ben, but my dad's car broke so he asked if he could borrow mine. I was gonna have him drop me off but he's on a day date with a friend now so I feel like I'm wasting time waiting for him.
I feel like I'm wasting time a lot - slept till 12, not being creative this summer, blabbing now instead of doing anything, working for SIX YEARS at an ice cream stand
Fuck, I'm almost 20 and look at all the time I've wasted - but I guess that's not the attitude I should have

"But I wouldn't take a single second back/
So come on let's lose control, we'll sell our souls to Rock and Roll and hope
We'll die before we get old; into the wind we're tossin' armfuls of caution
Even when it all goes to Hell, our love for one night was pure as sunlight
Our great big happy ending is still a dream trapped in a Guillotine"

Song: Let's Get Ready to Crumble by The Russian Futurists
Picture: Ben, Me and Veronica while camping


  1. wow... this post was like you were reading my mind. i slept till 1pm today. and its also my day off... before i head back to the dreaded subway. i haven't really done anything I've wanted to this summer... and brielle and i were talking about how old we are now.

    where has time gone?!

  2. i had this same discussion with my friends on our trip to pittsburgh. 20 is ancient. and i'm actually starting to feel like a grown-up? which is weird. whenever i did grown-up things in the past like going places by myself or whatever i thought of it as me getting away with something. but it's just all hitting me that i'm at that age where i can do stuff like that. because i'm a grown up. weird. i miss you. i'm exicted for the upcoming nh adventure!