Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frozen Veneer

This picture and song aren't exactly related. Last week we went to The Plough in Old City. It was gorgeous, but more importantly the food was absolutely delicious. I guess the company was pretty good too : )

Great Lake Swimmers are an Ontario band who have toured with Feist and Andrew Bird. Their current tour is bringing them to Philadelphia on Tues. Sept. 29. They'll play at Johnny Brenda's 9pm, $12, 21+

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Too Little, Too Late

No one wants too little too late. Here's to doing anything and everything (to a degree).

Here's to...
1. Finding happiness in the little things... like kittens

2. Seeing new places

3. Finding love, or at least Love Park.

Ramona Falls is the independent project of Brent Knopf, member of Menomena. Knopf, like other members of Menomena, plays multiple instruments and was thus able to create the layered songs of Ramona Falls. His first solo album Intuit was released this past August.

Knopf will be playing as Ramona Falls at the Kung Fu Necktie Saturday Sept. 19 @ 7:30 pm. The show is $10 and 21+.

Not sold on Ramona Falls? You'll fall for him if you take a look at this

Monday, September 7, 2009

burning up when it hits the atmosphere

Fruit Bats
- coming to Philly Saturday, September 12
@ Kung Fu Necktie, 7:30pm
$10, 21+

I'm back in Philly! This was my first weekend back, and as always I'm reminded of how much I love seeing my friends, being in the city, meeting new people and making new memories.

There was a little excitement in the streets when the sprinkler system in this church went off. People weren't sure if they church was on fire, and the wind was blowing the water like a rainstorm into the streets. The streets, which were already flooded with people attending First Friday, were then flooded with water pouring out of the church.

More about Fruit Bats:
Fruit Bats started in the 90s and has produced off and on. Their friendship with Modest Mouse, the Shins and Iron and Wine helped them get a record deal with Sub Pop records. They got back together in 2008, and have expanded to include members of the Shins. Now Philly is lucky enough to have them perform here.