Thursday, April 30, 2009

The City of Brotherly Love

Picture: Taken from my dorm room window
Song: Seed 2.0, The Roots

Now that it's hot out cars with tinted windows, fresh paint, rims and tricked out (haha cause I know what I'm talking about) suspension cruise down the street with their music blaring. If a car like this drives by girls will literally stop what their doing and start doing 'stanky leg' like moves on the sidewalk. It's kind of hilarious.

The other night a group of these cars got together in the parking lot outside my dorm room window. These are nothing like the car shows we have in New Hampshire, but they are part of the reason I love Philadelphia.

It's easy compare this to life in NH because that's what I know. In NH things are bland in comparison. Sure people have nice green lawns and summer vacation rentals, but they don't have the stories or the character that this city does.

I don't mean to be cliche by playing the Roots with a picture of Philly, but I am in love with Philly and this picture reminds me why. The Roots seem like an appropriate partner for this picture because they too love Philly. They of all people know the energy and character of this city, and this shows in their music.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Different Ways to Say I Love You

Picture by: Eveline Tarundjaja
Song: Glass Windows by We Shot the Moon

In the pictures I found by Eveline in which a couple is the main subject, one of the people is clinging to the other while the other looks away. At first this annoyed me. Why should a girl cling to her guy while he looks away bored and uninterested?

But her artwork is beautiful and the devotion of this boy singing Glass Windows compensates for the fact that in this picture the girl is all over the guy who seems to just be staring off. I hope you can think of the song and image as one to balance the relationship depicted.

After all, people express their love in different ways.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Skater Dater, Not Hater

Picture: See Below
Song: Creator by Santogold

I've been thinking lately
1. how much I want to date a skate boarder
2. how much I want to learn to skate board this summer

So I was happy to find the article "You Wanna Date A Skater? Really. Really?" on Missbehave Magazine's website. After reading the articles arguments for and against dating skaters, I still want to date (at least) one. Probably because of pictures like this:

I mean you can't even see their faces, but you know they're hot and kind of bad ass haha.

Home for a Holiday

All my friends were going home for Easter and I did miss my family so I went home this weekend. I was only there a day and a half. It was great to see my sister, brother and niece, but for some reason I was really on edge.

I think it's hard to adjust to being home for just a day. It's weird to be in the country versus the city. Driving instead of walking and using the subway; being in really dark, really secluded areas (the beach at night for example); having everything close so early; seeing people from high school.

It was hard adjusting to being around my parents. They're good about it, but it's still weird. And it's different with my friends too. This summer should be interesting. I think it will be fun, just different. Different isn't always bad though, right?

Two bands to check out:
1. Cloud Cult
2. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos
... okay a third. maybe ice palace

I saw them in concert Friday and they were all really good and lots of fun

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It Started With a Kiss

**Looking back this was the first of my picture/song posts and inspiration for all of those to come**

There's so much I want to do like pick up photography so I can take pictures like this one...
(pic by Nick Knight)

I want to write, but I'm not sure what...
Something like this picture?

Side note: I'm finding such good music!
My favorite find today was Headlights
They're playing at Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia on April 22.

I want to figure my life out at least a little by coming up with more projects, goals and programs to get involved in.

This summer I'm going to be creative and get even more excited for all the cool things I want to do with my life.