Friday, June 26, 2009

I Talk Out Loud Like You're Still Around

Picture: Gramma Flo (left), her nephew and sister
Song: West Coast, Coconut Records - thank you Caitlin

My Gramma was the best. Seriously.
She just passed away in October, and I miss her so much.
She lived all the way on the West Coast but I still had such an amazing relationship with her.
She had a tremendous, positive influence on the person I am.
She was fun loving, energetic, spunky, glamorous, hard working, loving, caring <3
Even though it breaks my heart that she is gone, I am comforted and amazed by how confident I am in the fact that she will always be a huge part of my life.

Her story is pretty amazing:
  • She was the second youngest of 6 (?) kids.
  • She was born in Brooklyn, NY 
  • When she was a toddler, her dad who was a copy in Harlem was shot by a man he was arresting. It was a pretty big deal at the time - the guy dressed as a woman and tried to flee to Philadelphia.
  • Her mom was left as a single parent to care for all these kids right at the start of the 1920s in NYC
  • The family banded together though and the kids still had a lot of opportunities
  • At some point my Gramma moved to Long Island
  • She worked hard her entire life and was always frugal, but she made it fun and even in her old age had stories to tell about her young, working life.
  • She married and had 4 kids
  • When she was in her 60s she decided to move to CA where she kept working and saving till she could buy a house with a small bay view
  • As her family grew and expanded she provided her kids and grandkids with incredible support. Like I said - I would not be the person I am without her.
We will always love you Flossy.

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