Thursday, December 10, 2009

Use Somebody

This is Ron's solo at his a cappella concert. He arranged the rest of the piece too. I'm basically in love with it.

This semester has been so weird. I've had fun but I guess it's just not what I expected or hoped for. Maybe it's sophomore slump, maybe it's my perspective, or maybe it just is. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself but not doing so is easier said than done. I wonder how things will be next semester. Whatever tomorrow we're going to New York and then I'm almost done with finals and junk.


  1. hahahah, i had no idea you were filming this. HE'S SO GOOD!

  2. AHHmazing. I wish there was video of Fix You, I would pee myself.

  3. i agree christine.... this semester has been weird. but here's to hoping net is... better? or maybe that I feel more accomplished.

    anyways.... i love accapella. and im so glad i went to this concert.