Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amesbubble Under the Sea, Something Special

(sorry my camera is dead and the charger is at school)

Last night was Annie Fish's birthday so we threw an 'Under the Sea' themed party. We go all out on our theme parties, thanks mostly to Ben. Normally the parties are small and everyone who comes is basically who we always hang out with. Last night though the front door was like the mystery door.

Every time you opened it there was no telling who was going to be standing there. At one point I opened the door wrapped in seaweed (green streamers) with like drag makeup on to find four guys, only one of which I've talked to since high school and who were always too cool for everyone, standing there. I don't think they were ready for our bubble machine, strobe lights, and streamer covered walls/ceiling, and some of them couldn't handle it.

The ones who did stay ended up being a lot of fun. We danced around and played a ton of good music. I even made a new best friend just for playing Home by Edward Sharpe.

It's weird to think about how high school is definitely behind us now. I don't know. It was kind of a random, towny night but it was fun. I'm ready to go back to school but I know that when I come home I have towny, Amesbubble to fall back on.



    themeparties are going to be the theme for spring semester.

  2. Over-the-top-weirdness/awesomeness is great for weeding out lamesters.