Monday, April 13, 2009

Home for a Holiday

All my friends were going home for Easter and I did miss my family so I went home this weekend. I was only there a day and a half. It was great to see my sister, brother and niece, but for some reason I was really on edge.

I think it's hard to adjust to being home for just a day. It's weird to be in the country versus the city. Driving instead of walking and using the subway; being in really dark, really secluded areas (the beach at night for example); having everything close so early; seeing people from high school.

It was hard adjusting to being around my parents. They're good about it, but it's still weird. And it's different with my friends too. This summer should be interesting. I think it will be fun, just different. Different isn't always bad though, right?

Two bands to check out:
1. Cloud Cult
2. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos
... okay a third. maybe ice palace

I saw them in concert Friday and they were all really good and lots of fun

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