Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer Songs and Sentiment

i just found a piece of cereal in my wallet haha. new low.

i should really call veronica. and my dad. i'm definitely not going to dinner with the plannies and their spouses when i get home. god i am SO grateful for the friends I have now and that I escaped Amesbubble.

i'm sooo excited to live in Philly this summer. i don't know how it'll go. sometimes it might be hard but i am so excited for the adventure and just relieved (i haven't totally figured out why)

this has been a fantastic yet bizarre year. i learned so much and got so much closer to amazing people.


  1. Cereal! Hahaha... that's okay. When I was cleaning my room over winter break I found a year and a half old half-eaten cookie in a shoe box. I understand the wave of horror that washes over yourself when something like that happens.


  2. i once found a bag of skittles from 2005 in my closet... that had completely melted and resolidified into a brick in the unopened bag. also... it smelled like rotting fruit.