Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sorry Mom

Okay so my parents proved that they were right. It was better to be home for this whole ordeal. My mom took such good care of me it was ridiculous. She slept on a chair next to me while I was in the hospital. Then she slept in my bed with me when I came home, and every time I got up she was right there helping me. I can never be mean or crabby to her again.

Also her rib was hurting her and I'm all stitched together so it hurt both of us to laugh. You know how when you can't laugh it makes you laugh 10 times more? It was like that for both of us all week. We kept laughing at everything but it hurt so it was more like wheezing, which only made us laugh more. It was definitely mother - daughter bonding.

Here's a video she would like

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