Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear Parents: Today I'm Emo

(sorry this is anime haha)

I'm almost back at school like what 300? miles from my parents, and I think we're all a little stressed out. The other day I asked my dad where I could get pepper spray because I might be commuting to a job by myself and I think it would be smart to have a little back up. He basically- okay completely -flipped out. He started ranting about how if I thought having pepper spray would do me any good then I was dumb and I didn't have a clue about how to be safe in the city. I guess he would prefer I stay on Temple's campus (where the sun never sets) 24.7.

Then both my parents are mad at me because I have an attitude and I 'think everything in this house is so unbearable and annoying' (their words). Sorry but if you ask me 50 times if I'm working later and then still forget, it gets a little annoying and I might roll my eyes. Plus I have to have surgery and I would prefer to have it in Philly but they want me to fly home (which means missing a lot more class and being more of a hassle).

I think they're freaked out that I'm leaving to go to the big bad city. Plus they both know that if I can afford it, I'd rather not live at home anymore. And then they're stressed about the whole surgery thing. Oh and it's like 400 degrees and wicked humid so we're all cranky.

Anyway I just had to vent. Here are some good ole' I'm pissed songs - going out to good ole mom and dad.

1 comment:

  1. venting's always good.

    and your mom and dad still love you. no matter what.
    besides... if worse comes to worse, ill just be ur personal body guard and escort you everywhere and anywhere off campus.