Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Growin' Up

I got an internship at the Philadelphia Daily News! And I've already gotten a couple good size clips I feel kind of grown up going to work at the office, and even though I don't have to dress up that much I still kind of do.

This is how I want to dress, but I tone it down most days. (By tone it down, I mean pull my skirt down haha)

I'm only taking four classes though, three days a week. Part of me doesn't like it because I see less people my own age. I think this is just exaggerated by my fear of growing up and working in an office where I don't get to meet that many new people... or maybe it's just my fear of growing up.

My birthday is less than a week away, and I'm going to be 20! YIKES! That is so old, but still very exciting. And I literally cannot wait for my birthday party!


  1. i know one of the girls in that video! super weird. also, that badge is super legit. and the three days a week thing is kind of sucky. i feel like school is less of my life which makes me seem more grown up. and grown ups are terrifying. but london in the fall! that is super not grown-up! just super fun and college-y! yes yes!

  2. gurrrrrrrrl I love it when you dress for work.
    also I have such Peter Pan syndrome. Growing up is scary. Also you're welcome for that song. Also also I like that you took pics of yourself in the bathroom.

  3. WAT! look at you and your articles! I had no idea you had so many big clips! i'm so proud of you!