Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Roaring 20s!

There aren't songs or words to describe how in love I am with my friends right now. Luckily there are some pictures...

The beautiful birthday girl

February Babies
'Giving It' to her/him

Scary Mask Bro

People We Don't Know
In honor of mustachio up there

This weekend was one of my favorites. Seriously February, thank you for all these birthdays! It's the greatest month of the year.

Jersey Shore, Mansion, Roaring 20s, Rave = Amazing! I had so much fun dancing - Temple parties need more dancing.

Now there are a million facebook pictures and every single one makes me crack up. I was literally crying from laughing as I looked at them. Randomly throughout the day I'll think of something that happened this weekend or a picture of someone with a mask on and just start giggling

Basically, I LOVE my friends. I love how much fun we have together. I love being young. I love dressing up (I'm pretty sure over half my facebook pictures are of me in costume). I love dancing with cute boys. I love all of it!


  1. That picture of Jimmy in the mask makes me laugh SO HARD. Every time I see it I just collapse.

  2. hahahahaha or the one of you and jill... bahahahahha
    I think I like the pictures more than the weekend! hahahah