Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Name Games

Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead
They are coming June 3 if anyone wants to go with me! We can go see them and then hangout at my beautiful, adorable apartment (on the roof or roaming the streets of South Philly)

I noticed when we attempted the ABC game that there are patterns or connections between the names of guys I hook up with or like and the way they act/treat me. For instance in my experience...

Daves are super flirty and ask you out on dates, but are usually too flirty for anyone's good and don't usually stick around for second dates.
Wills call you back (sometimes it takes months though) and kind of linger around for a while.
Ryans are my tattooed rebel crushes and always seem to have girlfriends.
Gregs are tall black men, 2 for 3.
Charlie is actually a nickname for Satan (2 for 2) and they will, right when you think things are going well, publicly abandon you.
Kevins are creepy guys you makeout with just to makeout with someone, gross I know.

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