Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Having a BABY!!!!

Well my sister and brother-in-law are!!!

I teared up when I first saw this. I'm so glad Chloe will have a sibling! My sister is about 10 weeks along and her due date is in early September.

I can't help but have a couple selfish thoughts which I feel really guilty for though. First, I think I'm going to London in the Fall so I probably won't be there when the baby is born or meet it until December.

Secondly, I wish I lived closer or that I could still fly home. Seeing this video made me so home sick. I miss my family and it kills me that I can't be a bigger part of Chloe's life. Up until the time Chloe was like 3.5 I was always around. I won't have that with this kid.

Also I always imagined myself living wherever I wanted and hoped to live in California or out West somewhere for at least a little while, but now I feel even more conflicted. I want to be close to my family. Does that mean I have to move back to at least the Boston area when I graduate college? I guess I don't have to worry about that yet, and I should just enjoy the baby growing process.

We're having a BABY!!!


  1. A little virgo! I bet it's a boy. THIS IS SO EXCITING AND ADORABLE!!!

  2. Yaay baby! Also, that song is so cute and funny!

  3. YAYAYAYAYAYA!!! i want to see the chloe video!